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by aerofae » 11 Apr 2014

Hi there, I am looking for someone to help me have a child. I am open to both donors or someone that wants to coparent. Coparenting would be ideal because then the child would get to know who they got the other half of their DNA from. :D Obviously for the coparenting to work it would be best if we lived close to each other, if we got along enough and were both single I would be willing to cohabitate. I am willing to do natural insemination, partial insemination, or artificial insemination.

I am an independent and intelligent person. I don't do drugs or smoke, and it is rare that I drink. I am STD free and have never been in a sexual relationship with anyone before. I would like to remain STD free so I require that you show me current negative STD tests before we do any actual insemination.

I am very open minded so I would also be okay with joining with a gay single man/couple to coparent with. I also don't care about the external things such as looks or race :)

by tai69 » 01 May 2014

Hey there,

How are you? I would love to chat with you more about a possible coparenting situation. Im a well rounded guy that enjoys to travel, learn, and try new hobbies I my spare time. Hope to speak with you further!

by wintsch » 09 May 2014

how are you?
my name is les
interested in findgind a co parent
if youd like to chat.
i live in ga.

by Wolf2016 » 22 Jan 2016

Hello, I am interested..are you still looking for a Co-parent?

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