23 year old African female looking to become a mom

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by Fola23 » 13 Aug 2020

Hi, I'm a 23 year old half Ghanaian half Nigerian female looking to become a mother of twins hopefully. I am open to the option of donating sperm and co parenting or getting married first before conceiving. I would prefer someone who lives in my State or within a certain jurisdiction from me. I would like someone with a great and humble personality to co-parent with me please.

by Tedd0078 » 15 Aug 2020

Im interested send me a message with location.

by TonyM » 17 Aug 2020

Hi Fola23,

I am open to taking the journey with you if we meet the requirements of the other and willing to travel to you at my own cost.

Please reply if you are still searching and open to exploring with me.

Thanks in anticipation.

by Fola23 » 21 Aug 2020

@TonyM which Journey are you open to taking with me please? Co parenting or marriage first? I don't know how to use this site so I don't know how to reply privately. I live in the outskirts of philadelphia In Pennsylvania. Where do you live and can I see a pic of you please?

by TonyM » 10 Sep 2020


Thanks for your feedback.

I was talking about Coparenting (but open to more).

Please see the message i sent to your inbox for clear details.


by Ek885 » 27 Sep 2020

I would like to contact you. I can meet you. I will agree to your terms.

by Nicegi79 » 28 Sep 2020

I’m in Idaho if I can be of help let me know

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