22 y/o MBA student, white, abv avg IQ, 5ft8in donating

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by JGren » 08 May 2016

Hello there,

I'm a 22 year old white male looking to donate sperm to a woman and or couple in need. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall, and I scored in the 50th percentile on a graduate program entrance course (above average IQ). I currently hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology & Sociology. I'm located in New York State, but I'm not opposed to going to a nearby state/province. I have been tested for all STDs, have none, and have excellent blood and lipid panel test results. I did a genetics test (23andme) and was found to have none of the genetic variants for genetic disorders that they tested for (they test for 36 disorders). I am also primarily of Northwestern European descent (English & Irish), and I'm about one quarter Ashkenazi. I consider myself to be somewhat attractive, and I am blonde, fair-skinned, and have a fit build. I can bench roughly 100% of my body weight. I have no history of mental disorders/illness, and have had one surgery in my lifetime, which was to remove my tonsils at age 20. My blood type is A+. I have smoked socially in the past, and I drink socially but responsibly, but I have no problems with addictions or dependency. I currently do not smoke tobacco products. Overall, I would say my personality just isn't one prone to addiction. I'm also a native English speaker, and am proficient in Spanish (not quite fluent).

Genetically speaking, my biggest negative would probably be poor eyesight.

I am doing this to ensure that I pass on my genes, and to someone in need. I am not looking to co-parent. If you want to know anything else, let me know. I also have a photo of myself attached to my profile.

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