19 year old looking for co-parent

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by Tania9 » 25 Aug 2017

I am a 19 year old female looking for a male co-parent who will financially and emotionally be there for the child preferably between the ages of 20-24.

by jaffar22 » 25 Aug 2017

i am interested.

by amihami » 25 Aug 2017

I can be co parent, and will have financially support,

by KurtB47 » 25 Aug 2017

So, you are looking for a guy in his early 20's, to impregnate you and to be financially on the hook to pay approximately $100,000 to you for 18 years all while not being married to you. Is this correct?

I'm not trying to be cynical, but that is an awful lot to ask of a guy to fulfill your dreams at such a young age. It may be better to postpone this endeavor until about 29 years old. After you are established in your career and can afford the expenses of raising a child. And you may find that you have a husband in this endeavor and not just a co-parent.

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