Delivery_ManDelivery Man is a laugh-a-minute film; featuring Vince Vaughn as an unreliable middle aged man who finds out that he has fathered over 500 children, thanks to donating sperm when he was a student! This hilarious tale focuses on the ups and downs of Vince Vaughn’s battle with his conscience as he decides to meet some of the children he has fathered. This film captures the controversial topic of donating sperm, but is it accurate? We look at the Delivery Man from an insider’s perspective, to see why students donate their sperm and if this comedy has more truth than jest.

Why do students donate their sperm?

Vince’s character, David, saw donating his sperm as a surefire way to make some extra cash through college. Is that the only reason anyone would ever donate their sperm though? We don’t believe so! There are many reasons why students, and older generations, would donate their sperm; many of them do it because it is an incredibly easy way of helping others. Not everyone is able to have children by themselves, so sperm donation gives those people a second chance. With sperm donors rising in numbers over the last few years, and many of them not even being aware of certain expenses being paid for, it seems as though morals and a do-good spirit are what spurs students on to donate.

Could I father over 500 children?

The comical aspect of the Delivery Man film is that the lead character donates so much sperm that he is in fact father to over 500 children. Could this really happen? Well, that all depends on you. The chances of this actually happening is very slim, not unless you were to solidly donate for a very long time. Not only that, but many clinics will have a limit to how many times you can donate; so as to prevent these sorts of situations. Private donations, although not regulated, are few and far between. You may wish to ensure as many families are happy as possible, through donating your sperm privately, but it is very unlikely you will become the father of 500 children. Of course, the 2013 film was highly exaggerated for comedy purposes.

Will the children want to know who I am?

One of the other worries that this film bought up was the confidentiality in donating sperm. Over 100 of David’s children, in this comical flick, wanted to get the confidentiality agreement waived in order to find out who their father really was. Will this happen if you donate sperm privately or through a clinic? There are many laws and regulations surrounding the data protection of sperm donors and it is not typical to have children knocking on your door 18 years later. Some countries laws do allow children to find out who the donor was, once they hit 18, but many simply decide not to. Even more common is for parents not to tell their children about their sperm donation, in the first place; preferring to keep this a secret between them.

So, although Delivery Man was funny and touched on a controversial topic, it is not entirely accurate when it comes to sperm donation. Many students donate sperm for the simple reason of wanting to give something back; although some are interested in financial gain too. Would you end up with 500 children knocking on your door, after donating your own sperm? It is very unlikely!