‘Why do people have kids?’ is a commonly asked question. Of course, you could always argue that the need to procreate and perpetuate the human species is simply instinctive. You could also say that we reproduce because this is just what people have done since the beginning of time.

However, it’s actually a bit more complex than that. We don’t make kids simply because our parents and grandparents did so, or because we are in a relationship and this is just what couples do. In fact, today, more and more people are making the decision to be childless, whether it’s because they prefer to remain independent, because raising a child is too expensive and involves taking on too much responsibility or because they think that there are already too many people in the world.

For those who do want to start their family though, what is it that makes them want to have kids? What motivates them to take such an important decision? Read on to find out 10 common reasons for people to have children.

  1. To render life happier and more beautiful

Whether they dream of a house full of children or just want the one child, people choose to have kids because they want to create a family that’s filled with love and joy. Cuddling, seeing your little one growing up happy and healthy, smiling at you, laughing, playing and giving affection makes your life happier every day.

  1. To transmit values and carry on the family line

Having kids is also a way to transmit important values, as well as family history and experience. Becoming a mother or a father is also a chance to carry on the family name, whether you have a child on your own or with your partner.

  1. To make the world a better place

Many people who read or watch the news feel that the world is violent and scary. Although some people decide to remain childless for this reason, others wish to make the world a better place by raising kind and respectful children with values they hold dear. In this sense, kids represent hope for the future, a new generation that cares deeply about others and their environment.

  1. To give life meaning

Your life changes completely when you have kids. These changes don’t only concern your daily routine though. It’s also about the way you perceive the world. Now that you’re a parent, you have the most important reason to wake up, go to work and stay healthy every single day. Children give sense to life and make it (even more) worth living.

  1. To give love and be loved

When parents are asked why they decided to have kids, many of them say it’s because they wanted to give their love and affection to a child. In return, the little one they raise will love them more than anything else in the world. A truly wonderful equation.

  1. To build something amazing with their significant other

Creating a family with the person you love the most in the world is a powerful, instinctive desire. Your children are the result of the love you feel for each other, whether you conceive naturally or via a fertility treatment. Your child is a mini version of your partner and yourself.

Some will perhaps say that they decided to have a baby in order to make their partner happy, which, in the end, filled them with joy too. Others choose to build a family to reinforce the bonds of their relationship and to feel closer to their significant other.

  1. To feel complete

Some women and men feel complete when they become a father or mother. They have become more mature by taking care of another person who needs them for absolutely everything. They now have new responsibilities. They are in charge of a little being that they are intensely proud of. It’s not just about themselves anymore. They have taken the place of their own mom and dad – they are the parents now.

  1. To fix the mistakes of our parents

Sometimes, having a child comes from the will to do better than our parents, or to give to our children something that we couldn’t have ourselves. Those who were raised by neglectful parents, or those who didn’t have a mother or a father, may wish in some way to “repair” their wounds, by bringing a new life into the world. People may want to create a family so that their kids can have or accomplish the things that they couldn’t during their own childhood.

  1. To live a new and challenging experience

Deciding to bring a new life into this world can be a terrifying (but exciting!) experience. The decision to become a parent can be motivated by the desire to try something different and to bring a new dimension to your life. Parents-to-be may want to challenge themselves and perhaps discover new parts of their personality that they did not know existed. Having children brings you to a whole new level that has the potential to change almost everything.

  1. To relive your childhood

We can all get nostalgic from time to time. If you had a wonderful childhood, it’s only normal to want to relive these enchanted moments. When you’re a mom or a dad, it can be such a pleasure to watch your little ones play and to play along with them. You can see the world through their innocent eyes. On top of that, they are fun and make you laugh all the time. Becoming a parent gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner child all over again!

And you, what are your reasons for having a child?