Deciding to have a baby can be a scary position to be in, particularly if you have no significant other with which to conceive. Co-parenting is your answer to finding a partner with whom to raise your child, but what if you can’t find the right person who will share your values and your ideals for parenting?

freezing your eggsIt is no secret that a woman’s fertility has a biological clock, and if you are a just a little too late then you might have missed your chance. This is why so many women across the world are taking to freezing their eggs, so that they can thaw them and attempt to get pregnant when they are ready and the timing is right.

Practically, freezing eggs gives women the time that they need to enjoy a career, find the right person with whom to share a child, and achieve other goals in their lives. A 2013 study of 183 women who had frozen their eggs showed that 19% would have had children earlier if their workplace had been more flexible, but instead they resorted to freezing their eggs.

Emotionally, freezing your eggs gives you more breathing space. You might feel bad for yourself that you haven’t had kids already, and freezing eggs takes this weight off your shoulders and allows you to buy yourself some time until you are ready and have found the right person.

Freezing your eggs in preparation for co-parenting will allow you the time that you need to get things in order, while ensuring that your eggs will still be viable once you have found your co-parent and drawn up a co-parenting agreement that suits both of you. While freezing your eggs is definitely costly, you will be buying yourself a gift of time, more breathing space and an overall more enjoyable process.