Three Useful Co-Parenting Apps
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Busy parents always need help and if you are co-parenting you might need just that little bit more than normal. Here are some useful co-parenting apps that will make life so much easier. One is free and the other two are subscription apps. All of them should help you to organise your time and expenses.

App 1 – Kidganizer

Kidganizer is a great app for a couple who find it difficult to get together, either because of divorce, or time constraints. It has four major categories, which are:

  • Shared Custody Management – Parents enter their custody arrangements into the app and each one can see it immediately. That way you don’t need to send an email or make a call. All the arrangements are on the app. A quick and efficient way of organising your schedules.
  • Expenses Management – All expenses can be put into the app and pictures kept of receipts if required. Each parent can see what has been spent immediately. The app allows parents to see the list for one child and follow the spending for other children.
  • Family Management – You can create and manage your own profile and add other members of the family into the app, like Grand-parents or an auntie. Everything is in one place and easy to find.
  • Alerts – Alerts reminds parents about important dates or appointments which shouldn’t be forgotten. If an arrangement is changed the other parent gets a mobile alert to let them know.
  • Cost – You can buy this app at the Apple Store for $1.99.


App 2 – Custody Junction

Custody junction is an app to help divorced parents cope with the organisation and scheduling involved in caring for kids that have parents that don’t live together. There are three categories which are:

  • Schedule – This category creates schedules for time and payments through a calendar interface. It can be kept private or shared. You can add events such as holidays, birthdays or custody visits. The events are colour coded and you can send email alerts if you prefer. You can view the calendar daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Track – The tracking center enables parents to track events, expenses and support payments. The tracking is dated at the time it was created again if it is updated. You can also keep a record of something that was said and any observations you have about your children.
  • Report – This category allows parents to make up reports and statistics if necessary for custody hearings or maintenance discussions. All your information can be collected and organised in one place.
  • Pricing – The app has a 30 day free trial period and after that you can become a subscriber. The cost is 47 dollars for a twelve month subscription.

App 3 – Coparently

Coparently is an app to help co-parents organise their busy schedules in order to coparent their children more efficiently.

The app has a number of categories which include:

  • Custody Calendar – Make sure parents always get your dates right and each parents knows exactly where their child is supposed to be. The calendar is easy to use and colour coded.
  • Coparent Communicator – A secure messaging centre which enables parents to communicate with one another and any guest users.
  • Expenses – Keep track of your expense account and keep a record of any shared expenses.
  • Contacts – Keep all contacts and important information together in one easily accessible place.
  • Costs – Coparenting has a 30 day free trial and then you can subscribe for $9.99 a month or $99 per year for one parent.