How Much Money Can I Get For Donating Sperm?

Looking to get rich quick with sperm donation? You probably need to think again. Sperm donation is a complex and long process with a rigorous selection process. You can’t just walk in off the street and demand payment for your product. In fact, in some countries around the world, it is illegal to receive any money at all for sperm donation. However, it is usual to receive payment for expenses and in some regions, you can also receive a cash payment for making a donation. Although we suggest that sperm donation should be first and foremost an altruistic gift, it pays to know how much money you could receive for being a donor.

We’ve brought together the likely payments or expenses related to sperm donation in key countries around the world, below.


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Money For Donating Sperm: The US

Most US sperm banks ask donors to sign up to a program which lasts around a year. Donors who successfully pass a detailed vetting procedure will be asked to make regular donations and will usually be paid between $75 and $125 per donation. Some donors can earn around $1000 dollars per month but not all will receive the money straight away. Some sperm banks will withhold a portion of the money until the program is completed.

The UK

It is illegal in the UK to receive money for sperm donation. Donors may receive up to £35 in expenses per donation and, as in the US, may be asked to make several donations throughout the year. The UK has a chronic shortage of registered sperm donors and much of the sperm utilised in the UK is imported.


In Australia, it is illegal to receive payment for any type of human tissue and this includes sperm. However, clinics can cover reasonable and verified expenses, including parking, travel, and medical expenses. Sperm donors are also required to have counselling sessions to ensure they fully understand the legal and ethical implications of donating sperm.


Sperm donors in Canada receive no compensation for donating their sperm. This has led to a real shortage in Canadian sperm and the vast majority is imported from across the border in the US. This is a contentious issue with some people lobbying for fees to be introduced to up supplies. There are just three clinics in Canada that accept donations.

New Zealand

Like the US and the UK, it is illegal for sperm donors in New Zealand to receive payment. However, clinics will cover a donor’s reasonable expenses like travel and parking. They also cannot donate anonymously, although babies born from sperm donation are only able to apply to trace their donor’s details after their 18th birthday. Donors must also undergo counselling sessions, multiple blood tests, and provide a detailed family history. A single donor’s sperm will be used to help a maximum of 10 families.

South Africa

South Africa also has laws prohibiting the acceptance of payment for human tissue under its Human Tissue Act. However, donors are paid for expenses which could be around 500R (that’s around 37 US dollars). Donors here go through a strict selection process which involves an assessment with a doctor to verify their mental as well as physical health.

The Final Word

You are unlikely to get rich from sperm donation, or even earn a little cash unless you live in the US. But just because it isn’t going to expand your bank balance doesn’t mean it isn’t an incredibly worthwhile thing to do. Sperm donation allows you to give the most precious gift of all. The gift of life. So, whether you’re considering donating to a sperm bank or privately to a family or individual in need, remember that you are doing something incredible. You are helping to make their dream of a family, a reality. You can connect with individuals and couples seeking sperm donors just like you right here on

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