Sperm donors are becoming rarer and their number has decreased by 15% in 4 years. Now that births using ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) are being talked about for female homosexual couples, this decrease is rather worrying, as it could lead to being unable to cater to demand. And demand is strong: in 2010, around 15000 couples asked for ART, and 20000 babies were born thanks to sperm donations. But the wait can be long for some families, and a shortage is imminent. Becoming a parent is not as easy for some, and some people encounter many obstacles before being successful.

Sterility, homosexuality, or simply not having a partner – there are many reasons that somebody might struggle to have a child. And since becoming pregnant isn’t magic, there are solutions to these problems: websites dedicated to co-parenting, enabling future parents with the exact same desire of raising a child to meet together. Now, donating sperm helps prospective parents to accomplish their desire. These websites offer a good alternative for couples who want to start a family: parents can find sperm donors or surrogate mothers using the search engine, while specifying their criteria (location, age, etc.).