Shopping for a sperm bank and a sperm donor for your future child is important. You need to take your time and do your research to be sure you are getting the best donor. Whether you are a single woman looking to have a child by yourself, you are looking for a co-parenting partner along with your sperm donation, or you are a couple struggling to conceive, finding the right donor is going to play a major role in the health and characteristics of your future child. When looking for a sperm bank, Florida is full of great options.

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Why Choose a Sperm Bank?

Maybe you have a friend willing to make a donation. You get along well. You admire him. He’s in good health and his family health history is strong. He’s intelligent and has plenty of other great traits. Why not choose him to help you have a child? You certainly could, but understand first what you are getting into and what could happen to your friendship if you create a child together. Will he want to co-parent? What if he says he doesn’t want that now, but changes his mind later? Transactions like these can be very complicated. When you go through a sperm bank instead, and select your donor anonymously, you can avoid sticky complications. You also get professionals to guide you through the process.

The Sperm Bank Screening Process

If you decide to go with a sperm bank, Florida has many options and you should understand how donors are screened for acceptance before you make your choice. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates sperm donations and ensures that all samples are tested for any diseases that could affect the health of the child. These include sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other infectious diseases. Any positive result renders a sample unusable. All sperm banks have to follow these guidelines.

The FDA regulations are only a minimal requirement. A few states also require that sperm banks are licensed, but Florida is not one of these. This means that to find the highest standards you need to find out what screening process each sperm bank uses. For instance you should make sure that your sperm bank performs genetic tests on samples. This kind of testing can determine if a potential donor is a carrier for any genetic disorders. For instance, a man may be a carrier for cystic fibrosis, but because he doesn’t have the disease he probably doesn’t realize he has the gene for it.

You Can Choose an Open or Closed Donor

It is also important that you understand any legal issues regarding sperm donation. You may wonder if your child will ever have a chance to know her biological father. Or you might be worried that the donor could claim rights to the child. Make sure you consult with a lawyer before using a sperm bank to have a child. You should have all your important legal questions answered before you make a choice. You should also know that if you choose a closed donor, you won’t be able to access his personal information, even if your adult child wants to track him down.When finding a sperm bank, Florida is as good a state as any to start your search. If you live in Florida and have been considering using a sperm donor to conceive, learn all the facts before you make this important choice. An informed decision means that you will give your child the best possible start in life.

Sperm Banks in Florida:

Fertility Institute of NW Florida
1110 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
Phone: 850-934-3900

270 S. Northlake Blvd., #1012
Altamonte Springs FL 32701
Phone: 800-869-8608

Reproductive Health Associates
2919 W. Swann Ave #307 Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: 813-572-5300
Reproductive Health Associates