How Sperm Banks Work

Here at we understand that having children often comes at a cost for those who cannot conceive naturally. Infertility treatments and procedures can often help to develop normal pregnancy when either one or both parties cannot conceive naturally, however in the face of male infertility the best solution is often free sperm donations.

The collection and storage of human sperm cells is a complicated process, and that is why sperm banks exist in order to make this process easier. Sperm that is stored in an approved sperm bank can be used anytime in the future in order to help a female conceive when she is unable to do so using the male partner’s sperm. Sperm banks accept donations from healthy individuals who have had complex research carried out into their family medical history as well as fertility rates and person health. This information is a requirement for sperm banks in order to avoid passing down genetic diseases to the child born from the donor’s sperm. As well as providing information, the donor will also be requirement to undertake a medical screening before donation can take place.


liquid nitrogen bank containing sperm eggs


An alternative to using a sperm bank

If you don’t want to use a sperm bank in order to find your donor sperm, possibly due to cost or convenience, there are other options for you to consider. You can consider using a known donor; this is somebody that is known to you who is willing to donate his sperm in order for you and your partner to have a child. This could be a friend or relative of the male partner, but if you don’t want to have a personal relationship with your donor then you can easily find a donor elsewhere. is the best choice for finding free sperm donors without a sperm bank. The website works similarly to many other social networking sites in that it provides you and your donor with basic information about each other, and allows you to chat both in a public forum and then in a private setting in order to get to know each other. The ideal tool for finding the right donor for you, is a fantastic tool which prospective parents can use in order to communicate with viable sperm donors, get to know more about their habits and styles of living as well as health details and other important information. Without the hassle of needing third party assistance, prospective parents can simply create a user profile and begin exploring options right from the start, and before you know it you’ll be happily enthralled in a conversation with the perfect donor for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sperm Bank Alternatives

How do I get pregnant without a sperm bank?

There are many options for you to get pregnant without using a sperm bank. Once you have found your donor then the methods you use in order to get pregnancy are completely up to both parties. You can choose either Artificial Insemination (AI) or Natural Insemination (NI), AI can be carried out at home or in a clinic, or it involves insemination using a pipette or other instrument such as a turkey baster. NI involves the prospective mother having full intercourse with the donor, and while some believe it is the option giving the best chances, it could also be the most uncomfortable for both parties. This is something that should be decided between all parties before you agree anything else.

What are the legal implications of using a sperm bank alternative?

When you agree to use a sperm donor you will also need to agree to what extent the sperm donor will be involved with the child. Both parties should agree on this, so if your donor wants to be a co-parent and you and your partner don’t want to share parenting, then you haven’t found a great match.Your sperm donor should also sign paperwork adhering to your agreement, so he should be expected to waive legal rights if he isn’t going to be involved with the child’s upbringing. Depending on how you conceive, this may have to be done after the child is born, as in many countries the biological father is automatically named on the birth certificate, particularly if the child is conceived using NI. Once you have agreed that the donor will waive his rights, however, the prospective father can be named on the birth certificate.

Is it safe to use a sperm bank alternative?

As long as you ask all of the right questions, there is nothing any less safe about finding your donor on than there is finding sperm at a sperm bank. Whether you use AI or NI or conceive, the donor should conduct a full medical screening, including for STIs and a fertility test before you begin the process. You are well within your rights to ask for proof of these tests as well, since if the donor has any diseases, particularly sexually transmitted ones; it is your health on the line as well as that of your child.

What do I need to know from the sperm donor?

Aside from medical and fertility information, other questions that you ask your donor are mostly up to you. Some examples of questions to ask your donor can be found on just follow this link for more information.
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