What women usually look for in their parenting partner.

Man seeking woman, or woman seeking man? Are you looking for somebody to co-parent your child with, but want to make sure you’re on the same page? Everybody will have their own requirements when they are looking for a parenting partner, but we have compiled a list of what most women look for in their prospective co-parent.

father and kid

  1. Stability. Women want to know that the father of their child will be able to provide for their offspring, and this doesn’t only mean financially. Emotional availability and relationship stability are also key factors in ensuring that the child is raised in a stable environment.
  2. Health. Women want their donor, whether they are a co-parent or not, to be in good health with a good family history. The advantage of selecting the father of your child from a bunch of possible suitors enables a woman to ensure that her child gets off to the best possible start in terms of their wellbeing.
  3. Similar morals and values. If a woman is choosing a stranger to raise a child with, she at least wants to ensure that the child will be raised with the same morals across the board. Two co-parents should always share the same intentions for their child in order to co-parents consistently.
  4. Family man. If a woman wants her donor to be a co-parent, then she wants him to be a part of her family. Yes, the child may well be split between two homes and two family units physically, but choosing to co-parent gives you the option of creating a loving family environment for your child, even if it may not be conventional. Most importantly, women want a loving and involved father for their child.