It’s no surprise that the rate of women over 40 having babies has increased significantly as compared to teenage pregnancies. Just last year 2013, statistics from Australian bureau of statistics showed that there were many women over 40 giving birth as compared to teenage pregnancies. There might be a slight difference in number but it’s still higher.

Pregnant over 40 years

The statistics as of last year stood at 29158 of babies that were born with mums under 40 and 29136 of babies born with teenagers. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case; to begin with, younger women are now more involved in higher education. More attention is focused on building carrier as opposed to focus placed on child bearing. Other contributing factors include uncertainty in labor market, relationship instability and housing.

Even though there might a lot of risk accompanied with child birth in later life, women have a reason to smile since research shows that late child bearing is beneficial to the child. Research conducted by Australian bureau of statistics also showed that children born with mothers over 40 years do have a better emotional balance. It also reduces parent to child conflict. In addition, the child would have better language development by the time they reached four years.

Having a baby after 40

Women over 40 are well assisted in reproduction despite the health complications that comes about with delayed motherhood. Getting a baby at such an age can bring about financial security and greater life experience. Some of the women have no choice when it comes to getting babies, reason being they might not have found the right person at the right time. This is one of the factors that play a role in increased conception for women over 40.

Placing a greater emphasis on other aspects of life while young has also contributed to such kind of trend. Such women would be less likely to have options of having kids and would often go about their business. Analysts predict that social changes are less likely to have more mothers getting children past the 40 years of age.

The Australian report on child birth showed that there were more than 30900 babies that were born in the year 2012. As compared to the previous year, it was an increase of about 8,000. Concequently there was a national fertility rate of about 1.93 from a previous 1.75 which was a 10 percent increase. Parenting past the age of 40 can prove to be a challenge especially for children as they would hardly see their grandparents.

Work commitment that keeps you out for a long time also contributes to older child bearing women. In an instance where the dad works in the military and hardly comes home, or those who came from world war I or II. The fact that a lot of emphasis and campaigns have been put in place to reduce teenage pregnancy, with the same not reciprocated on older women, has led to increased older child bearing women.