How to Get Pregnant Without a Man Knowing

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Unveiling the discreet methods and options for women seeking to get pregnant without a man knowing. Explore the possibilities and considerations in this insightful guide.

While women see their fertility declining rapidly from the age of 35, many men can continue to conceive well into their 50s, or even later (despite the fact that their fertility also decreases with age). Unlike men, women therefore have a limited timeframe in which to start their family.

Some women simply can’t ignore the notion that their biological clock is ticking their time to have a child away. As a result, they make the choice to become a mom before it’s too late, even though this means conceiving without the male partner’s consent. Some of these women are involved with men who don’t want to have a child (or in some cases, another child), whereas they themselves are craving for a baby. Other women however, just want to surprise their long-term partner with the happy news of a new addition to the family.

Those who are single and who desperately want to become a mother can decide to have a child alone, for example, by having sex with a man on a one-night stand. Others simply want to raise their child without a man and therefore choose to keep the news of their pregnancy secret.

The desire to have a baby can be very powerful and can grow even stronger as the years go by. Sometimes, women are ready to do anything they can to finally fulfill their dream of becoming a mom.

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Get Pregnant? Stop your contraception

There are many different forms of contraception. You may take the pill, have an Intrauterine Device (IUD) or a contraceptive implant, use patches, a diaphragm with spermicide or condoms. Whatever the contraceptive, stopping your birth control is the first thing to do if you are trying to conceive.

However, it’s vital to note that by having unprotected sex you are putting yourself and your future baby at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD), especially if you are sleeping with men that you do not know.

Find out when you’re ovulating

In addition to having a healthy lifestyle, you also need to find out your ovulation date to know when to have sex and, therefore, to improve your chances of conceiving.

During ovulation, your ovaries release one or more eggs into the fallopian tubes. If sexual intercourse occurs at the right time, the egg may be successfully fertilized by sperm. The fertile window is small however, as the egg only survives between 12-24 hours when it is unfertilized. On average, women may be able to conceive for up to six days per cycle. Additionally, sperm can survive for up to 7 days in a woman’s body. To improve your chances of pregnancy, have sex two days before your ovulation and then again three or four days later.

There are several ways to know when your most fertile window is. One is to track your basal body temperature with a thermometer every morning when you wake up (before you eat, drink or have sex). Another way to find out when you are ovulating is to use ovulation predictor kits. You can purchase them online, in a supermarket or drug store. They are usually placed next to the pregnancy tests. Urine kits test for an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH), which occurs one or two days before ovulation. You can also inspect your cervical mucus to find out when you are ovulating.

Knowing when you are ovulating in advance will allow you to plan and prepare to have sex at the right moment, whether this is with your partner or with a one-night stand.

What are the legal rights of the father towards the child?

Before you decide to become pregnant without a man knowing, it’s important to be aware of the rights of the biological father.

If you’re married to your partner, then they will automatically be recognized as the father of your baby. However, if you are not married and don’t list the name of the biological father on the birth certificate, they won’t have any legal rights towards the child (custody, visitations or child support).

If the man acknowledges that he is the biological father of the child, but he is not listed on the birth certificate, he can try to obtain legal rights by establishing his paternity. To do so, he may sign an affidavit of paternity, which is a legal form used to establish parental rights and responsibilities towards the biological child. However, the paper needs to be signed by both parents. If the mother refuses to sign the paternity affidavit, the father can ask for a DNA test to establish paternity.

If paternity has been established, then the father will have rights towards the child, including visitation and custody. If the mother denies these rights, the father can obtain order visitation or parenting time from the court. If the mother doesn’t follow the new rules ordered by the court, she may have sanctions imposed upon her.

If you need more information regarding the legal rights of the father, as well as your own, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

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  1. Women have been doing it for centuries, it’s nothing new; I don’t know why people are so shocked.
    A point to consider sometimes women are in long term relationships with men who string them out on kids, when they realise they are mid 30s time isn’t on their side to start over and IUI is too expensive for some then they may choose to have a child without their partners consent. Women love men but the urge and love for a child is stronger.
    In an ideal world you would go through the correct measures but life isn’t always ideal. One parent that loves a child unconditionally is better than two that don’t. So reserve judgment, somebody who has a strong maternal instinct shouldn’t be judged nobody bats an eyelid when people go to the ends of the earth to achieve other life ambitions why should this be different.

  2. the men to have bably in your belly to carry it now your big belly have the bably in the belly to be pregnant now to keep it now for good to it now all the time are to have been the months taking the bably to your home now to stay in the room now

  3. WOW so yo don’t give him an Option….just fufull your own selfish need….what a piece of crap you are….you don’t care if he is decided FOR HIM….Because you are SOOOOOOOOO important and the one in charge…..Hope he leaves you. He should………

  4. I don’t know how many will take to this… I’m 29 I’ve been married 9 months and with my husband for 5. He is not ready to be a dad always making excuses like we can’t afford it I’m not ready…. mind you he’s 27…. I’m ready I had a mirana for 5 years and it had to get removed for medical reasons and he refuses to have sex with me what do it do

  5. A woman who is ready to do this is probably ready to take whatever she wants whenever she wants. On the other words, full blown narcissist.

  6. Reply to the 04/10/2018 comment. Yes Guys do know that pregnancy is a possibility when we have unprotected “casua” sex with a woman but there are situations like me for instance where I was inebriated and tooken adventeg of ( and before you or anyone say if your passed out how can that happen) the two times I WAS TOLD of it happening( matter of fact I was in and out of sleep and knew something was going down. the females said they gave me felaceseo(I think that’s the right spelling).and I got hard in my sleep and they got on top,both times the females said I woke up and went to the bathroom but after I used the bathroom I would not get hard.i say that to say this,one of the females lied and had me thinking she was pregnant .long story short how to get pregnant without a man knowing isn’t right and lying isn’t the way either. Your comment was great but when you wrote.And even though guys won’t admit to it we secretly want to get you pregnant as long as we aren’t tied to it,not all guys feel that way I was 35 when I had my first child and I wanted nothing but to be in my daughter life,not saying you ment all guys but that’s what you wrote.this passage is informative but idk why someone would put this up.I didn’t read the , it’s important to be aware of the rights of the biological father part,If it’s a guy who posted this maybe his intentions was to look out for a brother idk but If you’re married to your partner, then they will automatically be recognized as the father of your baby. However, if you are not married and don’t list the name of the biological father on the birth certificate, they won’t have any legal rights towards the child (custody, visitations or child support)…….and I’m not gone get into what Deseases YOU can contract.

  7. I’m a white male born in 1976and I have a complete clean bill of and I am looking to make a woman pregnant without me cuz I just want. To experience greatness that is her body feeling what a man’s touch a lot of experience and I would love to make you pregnant

  8. Anyone seeking fertility should conduct their own personal research obtaining all facts and professional doctors risk that may be involved.Responsible parents are highly recommended…..

  9. There is nothing wrong with a woman doing this. Hopefully she is Murphy Brown, still in real life most women don’t have the fictional Murphy Brown’s resources. Even women with some resources are going to have moxie if they want total independence and control. A one night stand at a bar with a relative stranger achieves this, and protects the man to some extent. If the woman is receiving help from the state then the state has an interest in finding dad. It will be like this until we go it’s ok for women to get knocked up and society is the family. No questions asked. Or procreation is all done in the factory. Sperm and eggs collected everyone sterilized and the state controls the factory, and children are raised by the state as everyone parties. Kinda like in that old Sci fi Logan;s Run. Good times till you turn 30, and no parenting for anyone unless you work in the nurseries.

  10. this is not good at all! purposely becoming pregnant without the father knowing is very bad! if your male partner removed the condom without you knowing or being willing you’d be very unhappy!! always get consent from your partner before you stop taking contraceptives!!!

  11. I really don’t see anything unnatural or evil in this (Don’t ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies) as long as your not being tricked, deceived, or lied to. And by this I mean to be trapped in a relationship or robbed of your money in child support. Guys all know that pregnancy is a possibility when we have unprotected casual sex with a woman. If a woman wants to get pregnant from sex and you don’t take any precautions to stop it your saying yes. And even though guys won’t admit to it we secretly want to get you pregnant as long as we aren’t tied to it.

  12. WTF? Man this website’s dodgy. Whelp, of the the IVF clinic I go. Might be expensive but at least it’s legit. (Both my future kid and I deserve better than this).

  13. I agree, I myself have thought about this, doing a one night stand and not telling the dude if I got pregnant. But while It would be ideal situation for me since I want a child but don’t want anyone else up in my business about how to raise them, I totally agree it’s not right at all to “lie” in a sense. It’s not fair to the guy because they are just a normal human being with rights like anyone else. This needs to be modified or taken off the web cite.

    1. Mary I read your reply and thought it was very reasonable and well thought out. I actually would not like to be flat out lied to because of the feeling of being tricked. I am however open to donating without further contact on the matter. Some recipients have done that to me without asking and that’s a little shady but if you tell me up front that you want to try to get pregnant and may or may not contact me next month but either way you don’t plan to disclose to me if it worked or not then at least I know what I am getting into. I’m ok with that as I appreciate the opportunity to try as needed, it fulfills a biological need every man has (or most). Not sure if the blog can put us in touch but it sounds like we could be a good match. If there is a way to post your user name I would be happy to contact you, or if the staff can forward my email to you that would be fine.

  14. I side with Clint by saying this should not be encouraged and some of this is totally risky, irresponsible and dangerous behaviour. There are many other options out there and as they say “honesty is the best policy”. Doing the right thing is the best way to attract happiness in your life…