In the era of smartphones, apps and technology coming out of your eyeballs, one of the most common phrases you’ll hear as a response to your problems is: “There’s an app for that!”

And there really is. When co-parenting 50/50, you’re bound to be stressed out, tired and generally quite run down when the baby is with you. You might not be sleeping properly for worrying whether the baby is ok, you might be woken every few hours with crying and unable to settle the baby again. Well the good news is, there are apps for these problems. You just have to decide whether it is the way you want to share your parenting.
baby coparent

Mimo is a new technology from Rest Devices, designed to give parents peace of mind when your baby is sleeping. Mimo’s organic cotton onesies are fitted with non-contact machine washable sensors that measure a baby’s respiration, and much more. When paired with the Turtle device, data about your baby’s skin temperature, body position and activity level will be sent straight to the app on your smartphone, so that you can rest easy knowing that your baby is settled, while you are still in your own bed.

And while you know that your baby is safely settled in bed, that last thing you want to happen is for them to wake up, cry, and be unable to settle once again. That’s what Cry Translator comes in. Designed by Biloop Technology, Cry Translator comes both in app form and as a handheld device, and helps parents to interpret infant crying, analysing the crying sounds and translating to one of five possible states: sleep, stress, hunger, discomfort and boredom. Not only that, but added capabilities allow the device to play maternal heart beating and lullabies to the infants, enabling you to respond adequately and rapidly to your child’s needs.

Using technology to assist with your share of the parenting may be just the thing you were looking for, but is it right for you, your co-parent and, most importantly, your baby?