Choosing a sperm donor for your prospective child can be a difficult decision to make, and your requirements for your sperm donor will surely differ depending on the other people in your life.

One of the best ways to think of the most important qualities for your sperm donor is to think about your own relations and friends. What are the most interesting and important things about those people in your eyes? Is it their height, hair colour, religion or complexion, or is it what they do for a living, what their hobbies are, their values or their education?

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Chances are that your child, once he or she is born, will be far more interested to know whether their natural father was an athlete or a scientist than to know that he was chosen because of his tall dark and handsome looks that didn’t pass on to your offspring. Using an anonymous sperm donor will mean that your child will never know or see a picture the man that gave them the chance that they needed to be born, and so his looks and resemblance to them won’t be as important as his past.

Certainly, your donor’s medical history is one of the most important factors to consider when you are considering an anonymous sperm donor, and if you want to keep the procedure as blind as possible, then at least consider the donor’s family health history. Most sperm banks in the west are now known for the quality of their sperm testing, particularly for hereditary and acquired diseases, giving you as much knowledge as possible about any possible conditions that your child could have. Unfortunately, however, some of these could slip through the cracks and if your child was to develop a genetic disease further down the line then you won’t be able to contact an anonymous donor to obtain any further medical information.

Therefore, if you want as little knowledge as possible about your child’s father, at least make sure you know all you can about their health; otherwise you could regret it in years to come.