Wondering if you’re the hip mom and dad in your play group? Think the other parents at preschool consider you old fashioned? If you’re feeling lost when it comes to the latest trends in raising children, get ahead of the game and see what’s big for 2015. And remember, just because these are hot topics does not mean they are right for you. Pick and choose, use them as inspiration, or ignore them entirely and remain firmly in 2014.

Baby Shower

Crowdfunding for Baby

Crowdfunding is all the rage for everything from art projects to expensive pet surgery bills. The Go Fund Me and Kickstarter campaigns are popular because they mostly work. It turns out people are willing to fund their friends, and strangers too. In parenting this means that people are setting up crowdfunding accounts to pay for fertility treatments, first birthday parties, and even baby’s Christmas presents.


Parents are more worried about germs and infections than ever before. The recent measles outbreaks and the rampant anti-vaxxers may have a role to play in this trend. It is becoming more common for parents to insist on hand-washing before touching baby or preventing people from touching an infant or toddler at all. And, of course, a growing trend is to ban all unvaccinated children from parties and play dates.

The Sip-and-See Party

Yes, there is a new kind of baby party, but this one is easy to embrace. If you have ever been a new parent, you know that everyone wants to meet the baby as soon as possible. It’s more than inconvenient to have visitor after visitor with a newborn in the house, and so the sip-and-see party was invented. Instead of welcoming a steady stream of visitors, new parents are hosting one open house for everyone to come and meet baby and most say no presents, please. Look for sip-and-see invitations in 2015.

Eco-Friendly Baby Showers

Expect the traditional baby shower to get a sustainability makeover for 2015. Trends include requesting books instead of new clothes, asking guests to bring presents unwrapped, and asking for hand-me-down baby supplies instead of brand new gifts from a registry.

Involved Dads

Also expect to see more co-ed baby showers this year. Dads are getting involved more than ever when it comes to parenting. Along with daddies at showers, more dads will stay at home this year than ever before. The stay-at-home dad is a growing trend as more men realize that not only can they do the job, but that it doesn’t make them any less masculine.

Parenting may be the most important job you do. Pay attention to trends, go with the ones that work for you and laugh at the ones that don’t. Above all, raise your child in a way that you feel is best for your family.