Around 3.5% of the adult U.S population are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, meaning a total of nearly 9 million people identifying as LGBT (almost the population of the state of New Jersey). It is very quickly becoming more and more accepted that lesbians make up a large part of the United States of America; with many couples deciding to start their own family, have children and get married legally (in some states). Yet there still to be many barriers stopping lesbian couples from achieving their dream of having a family. One of those barriers is just simply the process of getting pregnant – which is where home insemination comes in. Let us take a look at what home insemination for lesbian couples involves, why it is becoming more popular and what your next steps are.

What does home insemination for lesbian couples involve?

It is important to understand exactly what home insemination for lesbian couples involves, before searching for a donor. The procedure is a very delicate one and is carried out with care, normally by the other partner. This step by step guide should hopefully make it clear what the exact process is:

  • A sperm donor is found who consents to his sperm being used for home insemination.
  • The sperm donor will then collect some of their semen in a container, something such as a urine sample pot is perfect for this.
  • The fresh semen is then given to the lesbian couple who are trying to conceive.
  • The recipient lies on her back with her thighs apart and knees bent.
  • A disposable syringe is then used to transfer the semen from the container into the uterus of the recipient.
  • The recipient should then keep her legs raised for up to half an hour, to aid the conception.

As you can see, this is not a exactly a lengthy or difficult process; it is about finding the right donor that both partners are happy with that can take the most time.

Why has home insemination for lesbian couples in the US become so popular?

There are many reasons why home insemination has become so popular with lesbian couples in the USA. The most obvious one is simply that it is far more personal and involved, than something such as artificial insemination. One partner inserts the sperm into the other, symbolizing the act of conception. This is a far more delicate and loving way to conceive as opposed to in a hospital! The next reason is due to the cost. Realistically, you are looking at just paying for the equipment that you need (around $10) and that is all. No hospital bills, nothing that is going to take away from your new family’s savings.

The next steps if you wish to consider home insemination

If you and your partner have decided that home insemination is right for you, as well as read through all of the benefits and process, then it is time  to find a donor. This is extremely important and a decision that can only be made as a couple. Make sure you take the time to find the right person and remember that there is no need to rush anything; it won’t be long before you have your very own perfect family.

CoParents wishes you all the best of luck making that all important decision and finding the right donor for your family.