Misunderstood, misjudged by their relatives, here are words that issue often from the lips of women who wish to conceive a child alone. Most of the time they are between 30 and 40 years old and their circumstances do not allow them to found a traditional family: they have not found the right man, found a man who doesn’t want children, or not found a friend to donate.

Single women are not eligible for sperm donation

Highly regulated, sperm donation is authorised and covered by social security for heterosexual couples who are medically incapable of procreating. Single women are therefore not covered. This is why they are turning to co-parenting.

Co-parenting is the only real solution for single women

What kind of supposedly moral, psychological or societal principles would forbid a woman to give her love to the child she wants, while there are so many unwanted pregnancies and so many children torn apart by their parents’ divorce?

Despite their understandable fears about what other people will say, many women’s desire for a child is stronger than anything. These women decide on co-parenting; finding a donor who will not be involved in the child’s life and proceed with DIY or artificial insemination (in another country).

This is what a site like Coparents.com enables you to do: register for free to discuss your project with its 50,000 members and perhaps find the sperm donor for you!