Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for your turn in the sample room, or waiting patiently for the doctor to tell you whether or not you are able to bear your own child is not the most comfortable moment in your life. And now it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to certain products, you can test your own fertility in the comfort of your own home with the same quality of a laboratory test.

Fertility manPerhaps the first product to bring lab testing into your home, the Cue is a 3 inch device that specialises in measuring statistics including fertility, testosterone levels and even vitamin D. A simple drop of saliva or blood will allow the device to analyse your sample, and results will be sent to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.  Cue is designed so that you perform several tests over a period of time, and the Cue app can monitor your health and display charts to that you can see your progress. It even displays recommendations for future testing or healthcare. Yes, there truly is an app for everything.

Testing isn’t the only thing you can do with technology though, as fertility can even be protected by using some of the latest gadgets to hit the market. Ever worried that your laptop or smartphone is damaging your chances of children when you sit it on your lap? Well now you can buy radiation blocking underwear that will also protect men’s fertility. Wireless Armour cotton boxer briefs include a silver mesh lining which claims to be able to block 99.99% of radiation emitted by wireless devices, protecting a man’s most valuable possession from damaging waves.

So instead of sitting uncomfortable in the doctor’s office, take care of what you can at home, and you might be pleasantly surprised.