A lot of women hesitate to have a baby alone because of their families and friends’ reaction. This will usually consist of them highlighting the difficulties of raising a child alone and recommending waiting for their significant other. However, co-parenting isn’t necessary a choice by default; it is frequently a well-considered decision.

I have not found the right partner with whom to have children

This is a frequent conversation amongst women. A recurring theme is that the reason that they are still childless is that they have not yet found the right partner, despite being aware that their biological clock is ticking. Others have a partner who already has their own child(ren) and, as a result, doesn’t want to have any more. Where these women are concerned, co-parenting may appear like a choice by default. However, their desire to become a mother is so strong that these women are willing to consider anything in order to have a baby. Consequently, having a baby alone is an informed choice and the result of long and deep consideration, certainly not something decided on by default! The commitment these women are making is far too significant to use such a term.

I’ve decided to have a baby alone

For some women, the nature of the choice is simple. “I am almost 40 and I have devoted myself to my professional career and others. Now, it’s time to slow down and enjoy the greatest experience of my life.” This is a strong well-considered choice: the choice of conceiving and raising a child on one’s own.

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Having a baby alone

Women who have decided to have and raise a baby alone often find that they are misunderstood and misjudged by their relatives. Most of the time they are between 30 and 40 and their situation doesn’t allow them to start a traditional family: they have not found the perfect partner; or they have but their partner does not want children; or they have not found any donor amongst their friends or close acquaintances.