Co-parenting, real choice or last recourse?
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A lot of women are afraid to have a baby alone because of their families and friends’ reaction. They will sure insist on the difficulties of raising a child alone and will recommend that they wait for the love of their life. However, co-parenting is not always a choice by default; it is often a well-considered decision.

I have not found the future father of my children

Women talk a lot about it and what emerges out of their conversations is that they have not found the right man but their  biological clocks are ticking, or that their partner already has children and do not want any more. For those women, co-parenting might seem like a choice by default. In reality, their desire of having children is so great that they are ready to try anything to become a mother. Therefore, it is a real choice made out of a long reflection, not a choice made by default! The commitment is too big to use such a term.

I decided to have a baby alone

And then, there are women for whom the nature of the choice is not debatable. “I am 39 and I have dedicated my life to my career and others. Now, I am slowing down and living the most wonderful experience of my life.” This is a real well-considered choice: the choice of conceiving and raising and child alone.

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Having a baby alone

Misunderstood and misjudged by their relatives, those are the words women willing to have a baby alone often pronounce. Most of the time they are between 30 and 40 and their situation do not allow them to start a traditional family: they have not found the perfect partner; or they do have but their partner does not want children; or they have not found any friend donor.