There is actually a website, based in the UK which matches sperm donors to women who have been trying to conceive, but who have been unable to for whatever reason. The website is looking for people who are co-parents who would be willing to tell their stories publicly. Other UK-based websites offering co-parenting matchmaker services include Pollen, and co-parents match.

You may be looking for a co-parent match because you are in a stable relationship, but are not able to conceive. Perhaps you are thinking about a co-parenting match and would like the sperm donor to become a part of your family, in so much as he could have a relationship with his biological child. This is a decision you should make before you look through any database of a co-parenting matchmaker. Some men don’t want such a relationship, but you may be surprised by the numbers that do.
Men as well as women use the co-parenting match websites as some want to be a father but without the romantic attachment of a traditional relationship. These co-parent matchmaker services are not about dating as such, although if a romantic relationship does happen between the sperm donor and the mother, then no one objects. Co-parenting matchmaker sites are slowly catching on as more and more people consider the new idea of co-parenting, committing to a relationship with a child, but not to the mother of that child. This idea appeals to both gay and heterosexual men, and women also find such a relationship convenient.