In the name of some principles supposedly moral, psychological or societal, some women are forbidden to give all their love to a child that they desire, when there are so many unwanted pregnancies and children torn up by their parents’ divorce?

Despite their fear of others’ opinion, which is understandable, the desire to have a child is stronger than anything else for many women. This is why they choose co-parenting, and try to find a donor who will not get involved in the child’s life to proceed with a traditional or artificial insemination (in another country).

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Co-parenting, not necessarily a choice by default!

Forget about general believes stating that women willing to have a child alone are necessarily the ones who were unlucky and did not meet the prince charming. Of course this occurs, but their reasons should not be questioned. Co-parenting is a true commitment and for this reason, a well-considered choice.

No one in her life and the ticking of her biological clock

It is stated that a lot of women thinking about co-parenting are around 30 years old and are scared to
“miss the boat”. At 35, a woman will see her child leave the house around her 55/60s. It makes them think. But can we blame a woman for not having found the perfect partner before her 30s? No!

A real commitment for life

It takes courage to have a baby alone when it is well-known that society and sometimes friends will be judgmental. Choosing co-parenting is not an impulsive decision but the only response to the question: “Should I refrain myself from giving birth and raising a child that I want more than anything just because I do not have a partner?”

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