Is Parenthood for You?

Are you thinking about starting a family, but you’re not sure if parenthood is for you, read this article and then see how you feel when you’ve read it?

Are you comfortable around children?

Do you mind if they insist on telling you jokes that aren’t funny? Are you prepared to answer all their questions? Kids just don’t go away when you get tired, so you have to patient and understanding. If you aren’t happy with children around, then maybe you ought to wait awhile, or it could be that you don’t have many friends with kids, so you don’t know. Try spending time with family and friends that do have children and see how you feel around them.


proud father holding his newborn baby


Are you willing to be less selfish?

Let’s face it, a life without kids means that you can do what you want, when you want and how you want. Kids change this dynamic. You will need to be a bit more organized, be prepared for plans to change and say goodbye to clubbing all night and lying in bed all the next day. Even if you get ill, a child needs looking after. Are you ready to take someone else into consideration? You can still have fun, it just might be more kids centered, we’re all big kids at heart though, aren’t we?

Are you ready to live on less money?

Whether you are a lone parent, a working couple or a mum at home. Your finances will take a dip when you have a child. Even if you go back to work, you’ll have to take childcare costs into account and that extra money you used to spend on treats, that goes on baby clothes! Make sure you’ve got money in the bank for when baby is born, try living on one wage whilst your pregnant and learn how to budget.

Do you and your partner agree on important things?

Have you discussed how you want to bring up a child, do you want it to follow your religion? What schooling do you want? Do you believe one parent should stay at home in the early years? All these things need to be discussed and preferably before you have your own kids. That way, once they come along, you’ll both be in agreement and things will run a lot more smoothly.

How much time are you prepared to be at home?

If you’re a workaholic who gets up early in the morning and comes back late in the evening, you won’t be getting any parent of the year awards. All children need attention and there’s nothing more special than bathing your baby and reading him or her a bedtime story. Don’t forget you’re making memories, precious ones at that. So be prepared to cut down your workload if you can and spend time being a mom or dad.

Can you be more laid back?

If you’re the anxious type, or someone who likes their home to be pristine, then having a baby might be shock. Baby’s react better to calm and they don’t care about being tidy. If you do find yourself getting wound up, just remember all babies make a mess and it’s really not the most important thing in the world. Before you’ll know it they’ll be away at University and you’ll be wondering where the time’s gone.

If you are prepared to give a child, love, care and attention and you want to start a family then go ahead. It’s a steep learning curve, but you’ll have some good fun on the way. If on the other hand, you shriek at the sight of a baby with a chocolate bar, maybe your best leaving parenthood to your friends, or until you change your mind!

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