Co-parenting is growing in popularity and more and more singles turn to this type of arrangement to have children. So why is it that the concept exists, and why is it catching on so fast?

Co-Parenting illustration

  1. A lot of people meet their soul mate, settle down and have children, but others do not meet theirs, or at least not in time to be able to have kids. Or they might not even want to settle down. Co-parenting is a way for these people to have children on their own terms.
  2. Unlike an anonymous sperm bank, using websites such as helps people to look for partners based on personality, shared interests and values, thus creating a parenting team that gels right from the get-go.
  3. Many people who have been unlucky in love feel that the time is right to have children, but don’t want to raise a baby alone. The advantage of co-parenting is that the child always has two parents, no matter whether they live together, love each other or not.
  4. Choosing to have a child with somebody you are not romantically involved with is very different from raising a child with an ex-partner. Children benefit from seeing their parents get on well and spending time together as a family unit.
  5. Many men and women see having children as more important than finding a relationship. Particularly for women there is only a certain window in which she can have a child, whereas finding the perfect partner can happen at any time. Women are unwilling to settle for an imperfect relationship just to have a child, and bring that child into an unhappy family.
  6. Co-parenting is another avenue that is out there for same-sex couples to have children. Aside from adoption, sperm donation and surrogacy, this gives same sex couple the chance to know every gene that has gone into the making of their child.