Native American Donor

Native American Donor

Postby tsalagi » 08 Sep 2011

My name is Nathan and i am an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee indians. I am looking to be a donor for couples or single women who are unable to have children. I know plenty of people are out there looking for donors but i can offer what most cannot. With the way the economy has been and looks to continue financial stability has become much more difficult. What i offer in addition to helping someone have a child is a way for that child to have a great start on life. Being a member of the cherokee indians has a unique benefit. All children and adult members recieve a per capita check twice a year which averages out to about 7000. So if you are looking to bring a new child and a way to give them a good start on life please contact me here. Or at ************
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Re: Native American sperm Donor

Postby zebmom » 02 Nov 2011

i would love to use your sperm. i was adopted myself and have been told i likely have indian blood because of some of my characteristics. my husband and i are actually looking for a donor to impregnate my sister thru AI. She has been wanting to have a baby for us for some time and has asked me to find a donor. we are originally from burlington but now live east of raleigh. i wouldn't do it for the money part but because of my love for the heritage that comes along with it. wouldn't the tribe have to approve, though, if we had to actually adopt the child from my sister? i'm still trying to figure out all the legalities needed once baby is born. ********
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Re: Native American Sperm Donor

Postby Aziza » 30 Dec 2011

Hi I'm very interested my great grandma was part Cherokee. Would you be willing to ship? Can you email me *******at yahoo?? I'd have a number of questions for you and I'm sure as do you. :)
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Re: Native American Donor

Postby Ayita » 06 Jan 2015

I know that this has been posted about 4 years ago. Are you still interested in donating your sperm? I am Cherokee, Cree and Choctaw heritage. I am wanting my heritage to carry on. You can personal message me. Thank you for your time.
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Re: Native American Donor

Postby lulu57 » 24 Feb 2015

My name is Monica. I am Cherokee and Irish. My husband and I are wanting children and I want to continue my Cherokee culture. I would like to talk with tsalagi about AI. I am in West Virginia, so my husband and I can come to NC if you would like. ***
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Re: Native American Donor

Postby Trudie7 » 24 May 2015

Hi Nathan

I am as Australian First Nations woman and would like to start a family of my own. Are you still interested in donating your sperm? My email is ***
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